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Renexia awards Fugro to conduct survey for 2800MW floating wind farm in Italy

Renexia has selected Fugro to conduct a survey contract for the 2800MW Med Wind floating wind farm.

Renexia is a part of TOTO Holding. The 850 km2 wind farm is located in the Strait of Sicily in Italy.

It has been reported that Med Wind is one of the biggest renewable energy projects planned for the Mediterranean Sea. The plant will have 190 floating turbines.

A report mentioned that “Fugro will provide Renexia with detailed marine geophysical and environmental surveys, deploying state-of-the-art equipment and specialised personnel to acquire comprehensive geo-data.”

General director for Renexia Riccardo Toto was quoted in a statement, "Med Wind is one of the most innovative renewable energy projects in Europe and, as such, we need strong partners to support us on this journey.”

He further stated that Fugro will join hands with their team of international professionals to help achieve Italy's sustainable development goals.

In response, Fugro country manager for Italy Rodolfo D'Addario remarked, “We are really proud to support Renexia in this challenging floating offshore wind project, which will help our country's transition to decarbonisation and a sustainable future of green energy and power diversification."

The wind farm is expected to provide electricity to power 3.4 million homes annually.


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