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Shell and Acu Port join hands for green hydrogen project in Brazil

European firm Shell has entered into a partnership with Brazil’s Acu Port for the joint development of a pilot plant to generate green hydrogen.

The duo has already signed a memorandum of understanding for the same.

It has been reported that the pilot plant will be built at the port's extensive facilities in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state. Initially, the plant will have a capacity of 10 megawatts, and can reach100 MW.

According to the companies, "the pioneering initiative will start life as a research laboratory to develop learning and carry out decarbonisation tests."

The project is due for completion in 2025.

This comes at a time when Shell is considering investing between $60 million and $120 million in research, development and innovation in Brazil this year. The investment also covers this hydrogen pilot plant.

The company shared that the "plan for developing the plant in its third phase calls for using solar and offshore wind power to produce hydrogen," a report mentioned.


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