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SINN Power outlines plans for floating solar plant in Germany

SINN Power, a German-based developer of floating renewable energy platform solutions, has put forward a plan to build a floating solar power plant in Eching am Ammersee, south-east Germany.

SINN Power has teamed up with Ammerseewerke water and wastewater company, which represents a joint company of several municipalities in German state of Bavaria, to build a floating solar plant on the ponds of the wastewater treatment plant.

An area of ​​almost 11,000 m2 is to be built on a total of five wastewater ponds, corresponding to approximately 50% of the existing water surface.

The system will generate around 1,500MWh of solar power per year and can cover the wastewater treatment plant’s own needs, but also feed green energy into the power grid of the surrounding communities, according to SINN Power.

Philipp Sinn, founder and managing director of SINN Power, said: “We are very pleased to be driving the energy transition in the region with this project together with our strong and innovative partners from AWA and Ammerseewerke. There has never been a use of polishing ponds for the generation of solar power in Germany or anywhere else in the world. We hope that this project will set a precedent.”

The start of construction depends on the approval process that is about to start, noted SINN Power.

SINN Power is developing floating hybrid platforms for sustainable power generation technologies. Based on individual project needs, the company offers floating hybrid solutions SLake, SLagoon, SOcean, which are all modular, customizable, scalable.


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