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Solar energy in Brazil free market reaches 11.2GWp

Long-term solar energy purchase and sale agreements, or PPAs accumulated 11.2GWp in the free market in Brazil, according to the study by Greener. This statistics is from 2018 to June 2022

Besides, this volume corresponds to an investment of R$ 43 billion, the study added.

Out of many segments in Brazil, mining, chemicals and services have the most demanded solar energy contracts.

These statistics were presented at the Greener Business Summit 2022 where Brazilian representatives from the photovoltaic industry discussed the current scenario and projections for the solar sector.

More than 250 players dwelt on challenges and opportunities in investments, strategies and new businesses in Brazil which has seen an accelerated growth of the sector.

"In recent months, as a result of the global economic scenario and the country, the pace of expansion has dropped slightly, but the expectation is that it will quickly recover its vigor," Greener director Marcio Takata, was quoted.

Adalberto Maluf, president of the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE), shared that sale of electric vehicles grew 50% in the country, adding to the global effort for the energy transition.

"What we see in the country is an inefficiency in the electricity sector, which is highly regulated and vertical, which leaves us behind at least 20 years compared to the United States and Europe," Mathias Arno Ludwig, project manager at AES Brazil, remarked.

Speakers were of the view that Brazil has a huge energy potential with more investment opportunities.


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