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Solar roof panels serve as an advantageous asset, free from conflicts, according to the CEO of Otovo

Solar power is the cheapest source of clean energy currently on the market. Countries are adding this source to their energy mixes to divert from fossil fuel energy and lower emissions.

The affordability depends on two factors: new technologies and easier installations which turn solar panels into cheap objects with great potential: “Solar panels get better and cheaper every year,” said Andreas Thorsheim, CEO of the Norwegian solar panel marketplace Otovo which sells rooftops panels across Europe.

For his company, this is both a curse and a blessing: “Many people postpone getting consumer technology like computers because they know that next year, there is going to be a new model, for example” he says. Otovo was funded in Oslo in 2015 and so far it made over 30,000 installations across Europe, as cheap energy from solar output is something consumers themselves want to benefit from.

As more solar parks and renewable energy solutions are being deployed across the world , solar panels on house roofs might seem irrelevant and superfluous. But since it is still really difficult to integrate renewable energy in countries’ grids, having a solar panel on your roof, could turn cost-effective, while supporting the energy transition.


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