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Spain to build first large-scale vertical PV park in Valencia

Spain is considering developing the first large-scale vertical photovoltaic park in Port Authority of Valencia (PAV).

For this, PAV is conducting necessary studies and testing the use of solar panels in the North Dock. This will become the first large vertical photovoltaic park planned in a port in global level.

It is reported that only after the viability and efficiency of the installation on a small scale, the project will move forward.

As per the authorities, SunnerBOX’s IT3, which is a one-of-a-kind solution registered in Valencia, will be used for the project. It is said that this will speed up installation and increases the project’s profitability.

To be noted, the “IT3 is a solar panel matrix system constructed on a mesh made with tie rods and tensors anchored directly on the pie,” a report explained.

Prior to the project, a pilot test is being carried out, which is made up of 21,410 W photovoltaic modules, and a total installed power of 8.6 kilowatt peak (KWp).


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