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Thailand's EGAT partners with TPQI and KMUTT to certify energy and renewables professional standards

EGAT, in collaboration with TPQI and KMUTT, has embarked on an ambitious initiative to certify professional standards in the fields of energy and renewable energy. This pioneering endeavor, focusing specifically on electrical energy from solar cells and wind power generation systems, aims to elevate personnel capabilities, instill confidence in entrepreneurs, and achieve international recognition.

The inaugural ceremony for the professional standards certification program took place on April 2, 2024, under the auspices of Ms. Phana Supavakul, Assistant Governor of EGAT. Attended by esteemed guests including Ms. Jullada Meejul, Director General of TPQI, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kuskana Kubaha, Dean of the School of Energy, Environment, and Materials at KMUTT, the event marked a significant milestone in the journey towards enhancing workforce competency in the energy sector.

Ms. Phana Supavakul, EGAT’s Assistant Governor for Organization Development, highlighted the organization’s commitment to human resource development and competency certification aligned with its core missions. EGAT’s competency certification center, established in 2021 and approved by TPQI, has already certified over 1,000 individuals in various energy-related occupations. Building on this success, EGAT is now gearing up to certify professionals in two additional branches: electrical energy from solar cells and wind power generation systems.

This expansion will bring the total number of certified branches to five, covering a wide range of occupations and qualification levels in the energy and renewable energy fields. The initiative underscores EGAT’s dedication to promoting energy security in the transition era and supporting the country’s renewable energy development policy.

The certification program not only aims to meet the evolving needs of the industry but also aligns with broader national objectives, including the upgrade of the workforce to create quality employment opportunities and foster skills and expertise with international recognition. By ensuring a skilled and competent workforce, EGAT, TPQI, and KMUTT are paving the way for a sustainable and resilient energy future for Thailand.


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