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The EU Energy Commissioner Commemorates A Decade Of Advancements At The 10th Energy Infrastructure Forum

At the 10th edition of the Energy Infrastructure Forum, EU Energy Commissioner marked significant milestones in Europe’s energy transition, highlighting the achievements and future challenges in building a sustainable and secure energy system.

In his address, the Commissioner thanked the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities for co-hosting the event and reflected on the forum’s decade-long journey. He noted the transformation since his first forum in 2020, emphasizing the accelerated energy transition catalyzed by the Green Deal and the REPower EU Plan following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Commissioner pointed out the substantial progress made in renewable energy, with the share of renewables in the electricity generation mix reaching nearly 45% last year. He credited the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), celebrating its 10th anniversary, for its pivotal role. Over the past decade, CEF allocated €6.8 billion to 65 electricity and 39 gas projects, triggering investments worth around €16 billion.

Key projects, such as the Krk LNG terminal and the Baltic synchronisation project, have enhanced Europe’s energy security and connectivity. The revised TEN-E Regulation, focusing on future-proof electricity and hydrogen networks, was also highlighted.

Looking forward, the Commissioner emphasized the need for continued investment in energy infrastructure to meet climate targets. He announced the adoption of the Guidance on collaborative investment frameworks for offshore renewables, aiming to ensure equitable cost distribution and efficient planning.

He acknowledged the new regulatory framework for a cleaner European gas market and the impact of the Net-Zero Industry Act in supporting grid manufacturers. The recent electricity market design reforms and the Grids Action Plan were cited as crucial steps towards a more resilient energy system.

The Commissioner called for high-level public and private investment to develop electricity super grids and repurpose gas networks for hydrogen and CO2 transport. He highlighted the recent power outage in Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, and Croatia as a reminder of the challenges in achieving a robust energy infrastructure.

In closing, the Commissioner celebrated the forum’s achievements and urged continued collaboration towards a clean, affordable, and secure energy system for all Europeans. He expressed optimism for the insightful discussions and ideas to emerge from the forum.


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