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The University of Burgos will install 2,300 solar panels to cover 28% of its consumption

The University of Burgos (UBU) is joining the solar self-consumption with a plan to deploy nearly 2,300 photovoltaic modules that will cover the roofs of various buildings of the institution in Burgos and that will allow them to obtain a total power of 1.27 MWp, enough to cover up to 28% of the energy needed by the centre. This renewable installation, comprising 10 solar plants awarded to Endesa X, will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 551.8 tonnes of CO2 per year, the equivalent of planting 3,305 trees, according to the UBU in a statement.

This commitment to solar energy is part of the strategy of the University of Burgos to transform a large part of its infrastructures into low-emission buildings, which will be complemented by the installation of a biomass boiler to serve the buildings of the Military Hospital Complex. With this, the University of Burgos aims to cost-effectively transform the current model of energy use in the city's existing building stock in favour of one based on the adoption of low-emission, low-energy solutions, an essential approach in cities such as Burgos, where many buildings continue to rely excessively on fossil fuels for their thermal installations.

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