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Two Japanese companies forge partnership for offshore wind projects

Two Japanese companies have agreed to forge partnership for the development of offshore wind in Japan.

The companies are Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) and Toyo Construction. The duo signed a memorandum of understanding with an objective of commercializing vessels to serve offshore wind construction activities.

It has been reported that they have agreed to explore new business opportunities for vessels which will be required for offshore wind power projects.

The duo said that "it will target the demand for vessels related to offshore wind in Japan and overseas."

According to the duo, they plan to integrate MOL's track record in construction and operation of vessels and Toyo Construction's knowledge of marine engineering and technological development in offshore wind power.

With this, the companies plan to meet demand for various types of work vessels in offshore wind power projects in Japan and abroad.

The partners will broadly contribute to value chains in the offshore wind, as per the local reports.


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