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Vestas secures 66MW order for wind farm project in Germany

Vestas has secured a 66MW order for the Lensahner Berg/Gaarz wind farm in Germany. The order was secured through Gaarz IV Windkraft GmbH & Co. KG, and three other companies.

The farm is located in the northeast of Schleswig-Holstein.

According to the company, the project includes 11 V162-6.2MW turbines in 6MW operating mode. The project also comprises 25-year-long full maintenance contract.

Vestas’ EnVentus platform is expected to increase the energy output and extend the lifetime of the project site.

“The trusting cooperation with the initiators and owners of this project, many of them living in local area, is built on a long history of partnership together and driven by the mutual interest to accelerate the German Energiewende,” Vestas vice-president Jens Kuck, was quoted in a report.

He further stated that the company is able to improve the technical configuration and annual energy productio, thus Vus162 EnVentus is the perfect example for wind projects in Schleswig Holstein.

On the other side, managing director of Gaarz IV Windkraft commented, “We are very happy to be able to realise our project with the V162-6.2 MW turbines. “

It has been informed that installation of the wind turbines are likely to begin next year, while commissioning is expected by the end of next year.

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