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Voltfer Finishes 225.5 kW Solar Project for Frigalsa in Galicia

Frigalsa, a company specialized in the refrigeration sector, incorporates more than 400 solar modules into its logistics platform in Beiramar with the help of the Alvariño Group's renewable division, and plans to expand the photovoltaic capacity of its Teis headquarters with another 900 panels.

Frigalsa, Frigoríficos de Galicia, SA, a company based in Vigo specialized in cold storage, has just installed 410 550 W solar panels on its cold logistics platform in Beiramar. The 225.5 kW photovoltaic project has been executed by Voltfer, a Galician company specialized in the design and implementation of self-consumption photovoltaic installations . The photovoltaic modules are placed on a structure designed in aluminum profiles, on a roof with a coplanar part and a sail part.

As a signal transformation element between the panels and the connection point to the indoor network, two inverters from the German brand SMA, model STP110-60 of 110 kW, are used. It consists of 12 MPP followers, 24 strings with Sunclix plug connectors. This inverter allows oversizing of up to 150% of the photovoltaic generator, and up to 1100 V DC. In addition, it has compatibility with bifacial modules.

The type of installation according to point 3.1 of ITC-BT 04 of the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations, REBT, will be that corresponding to “Group C” corresponding to wet premises with power >10KW.

According to the company, with this 225.5 kW installation, this Frigalsa center is self-sufficient with a production of 282,000 kWh/year, which covers around 20% of the energy consumption of these freezers. The firm also plans to expand the photovoltaic installation at its Teis headquarters with another 500 kW and another 900 solar modules.

The general director of Frigalsa, Jacinto Salvador, explained that “the company's commitment to renewable energies began in 2016 with the installation of the first 370 kW in Teis, when the price of energy 'was not obligatory', and is consolidated with this new installation at our headquarters in Beiramar and with the one planned at our main headquarters.”

The Vigo company considers photovoltaics key in the energy transition of the sector of large refrigerators, processing centers and canning plants in the Vigo area, which with this new plant surpasses the figure of more than 13,000 photovoltaic panels installed by Voltfer. Firms such as Grupo Pereira, Fandicosta, Casa Botas, Mascato, Frioya and Frialia Logística, Friotea, Frigalsa, Frigoríficos del Morrazo or Galiciamar, specialized in the sector of transformation, logistics and marketing of fishing products in Galicia, wholesalers seafood and canning companies in the province such as Cerqueira, Friscos or Antonio Pérez Lafuente lead this commitment to self-consumption together with Voltfer, Grupo Alvariño and Enertra. The photovoltaic plants installed by Voltfer in these companies collectively exceed 6 MW of power.

“These are companies whose activity involves a high demand for energy, for which the price of electricity has a crucial impact on the results,” explains José María Fariña, technical director of Voltfer. For this reason, “an installation of this type is a decisive element for competitiveness, allowing very important savings in electricity, and which can also be undertaken without the need for investment if a PPA, Power Purchase Agreement, such as those offered by Voltfer is chosen. ”.



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