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Greencells to develop Bullstown Solar Farm in Europe

Greencells is all set for the development of the Bullstown Solar Farm in Europe.


ESB has awarded a contract to Greencells under which the project will be located to the south-east of Ashbourne, in County Meath.


It has been informed that the construction phase of the 8.5MW project is scheduled to start in early 2024. The project value is of €13 million.


As per the companies, “Bullstown Solar Farm will connect to the electricity network via a short length of cable into the existing Ashbourne 38kV substation.”


As per the reports, this is the first of three wholly-owned ESB solar farms being progressed which represents a total investment of almost €200m.


To be noted, ESB has aimed to achieve Net Zero by 2040 through a fivefold increase in renewable generation portfolio to 5GW. To achieve this, it has placed solar as an important part along with offshore and onshore wind, battery and green hydrogen projects.

Eoin Naughton, Solar Development Manager at ESB, was quoted in a statement, “Bullstown Solar Farm marks the beginning of a sustained campaign by ESB to develop and construct a large portfolio of utility-scale solar farms throughout the midlands, south and south-east of the country as we move towards our ultimate goal of achieving Net Zero by 2040.”


He further stated, “Projects like this one will help to reduce our dependency on imported fossil fuels whilst also contributing to decarbonising our electrical network.


Meanwhile, Ric Hallikeri, General Manager EMEA at Greencells, remarked, "Ireland is a focus market for Greencells GmbH with the construction of six solar farms currently underway in the country. Bullstown Solar Farm is our first project with ESB and we look forward to delivering this important kick-off project for its wider solar portfolio.”


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