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NTPC invites bids for rooftop solar projects with a total capacity of 4.1 MW

In a recent development, NTPC has opened the bidding process for the construction of grid-connected rooftop solar power projects totaling 4,106 kW. These projects, earmarked for installation at five different locations falling under the Container Corporation of India’s (CONCOR) jurisdiction, present a comprehensive scope of work.

Interested bidders must submit their proposals by January 16, 2024, with the bid opening scheduled for January 17.

The core activities encompass design, testing, and commissioning, with additional ancillary tasks such as rooftop strength testing, water arrangements, electricity provisions, security measures, and transportation logistics. An essential criterion for project implementation is the selection of locations with minimal shadows, ensuring optimal power generation efficiency on each building. The final project capacity will be determined based on detailed engineering and approved designs for the solar installations.

The selected bidder will not only be responsible for the aforementioned core and ancillary tasks but will also take on the operations and maintenance activities for a substantial 10-year duration.

NTPC plans to finance the project using either domestic or internal resources. As part of the bidding process, participants are required to furnish a bid security of ₹20 lakhs. Upon successful award notification, a performance bank guarantee equivalent to 10% of the contract price must be provided within 28 days.

Participation in the bidding process is restricted to Class-I and Class-II local suppliers, with prerequisites such as a minimum local content of 50% for ‘Class-I’ and 20% for ‘Class-II.’ Financial criteria include an average annual turnover not falling below ₹20.1 crores over the last three financial years, coupled with a net worth of at least 100% of the paid-up share capital for consideration. On-site visits for essential details are mandatory before finalizing bids.

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