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PNE sells 175 MWp of photovoltaic projects in Romania and Italy in 2023

PNE AG has achieved further operational successes in Romania and Italy at the end of 2023, having successfully concluded negotiations on the sale of photovoltaic projects in the two countries.

In Romania, PNE sold a project with a capacity of 61.5-megawatt peak (MWp). It is in southern Romania in one of the country’s most productive regions. The buyer is a local company. The project has reached construction maturity.

In Italy, the PNE Group sold several PV projects with a total output of 114 MWp at the end of the year. The package comprises 12 projects in all, which will be acquired by an infrastructure fund managed by re:cap global investors ag. re:cap is an internationally active investment advisor for renewable energy infrastructure with a total portfolio under management (onshore wind, solar, and battery storage) of 1.2 Gigawatts.

Markus Lesser, CEO PNE AG, says: “We’re delighted to have been able to finalise two more sales in the European markets at the end of the year. The markets appreciate our expertise in the PV sector and place their trust in our experience. This is the second sale in Romania this year. In July we were able to announce the sale of five PV projects to a French energy corporation.”

The PNE Group has operated successfully in the two countries for many years. The company has been active in Romania for more than 10 years, having successfully developed and sold wind and photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of around 571 MW/MWp.

In Italy the PNE Group has realised wind projects with a total capacity of some 300 MW since 2006. The sale that has now been finalised involves the PNE Group’s first PV projects in Italy.


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