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Spain consolidates itself as the leading country in cross-border renewable PPAs in Europe

The Swiss consulting firm Pexapark, specialized in renewable PPA contracts, published a new monthly report analyzing the current situation of this type of agreements and the fluctuation in their values.

In this sense, the document highlights: "November's activity further consolidates Spain's leading position in cross-border Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)."

Pexapark indicates that, although cross-border PPAs remain relatively rare in Europe, of those that have been registered so far on its website, more than half are linked to assets in Spain.

Likewise, this report highlights that this growth represents Spain's attractiveness for cross-border agreements due to its solid natural resources.

“And consequently, a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) compared to most of Europe, further strengthening its position at the forefront of the changing PPA landscape,” notes the consultancy.

Emphasizing the cross-border PPAs that were signed related to Spanish assets, Pexapark highlights two announcements, both initiated by the pharmaceutical company Merck.


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