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ESB kicks off a 75MW battery plant in Europe

ESB has kicked off a 75MW battery plant in Europe.


The project is expected to add 150MWh of energy storage and will help in maintaining grid stability and deliver more renewables on Ireland’s electricity system.


According to ESB, this battery energy storage system (BESS) is under pipeline of its projects which are being delivered at sites in Dublin and Cork. The project represents an investment of up to €300m.


This project has a capability of providing 75MW of energy for two hours to Ireland’s electricity system. 


Jim Dollard, ESB executive director, generation and trading, was quoted in a statement, "Today marks another important milestone for ESB as we launch our latest fast-acting grid-scale battery unit that will support grid stability and help to deliver more renewables on Ireland’s electricity system.”


He further said that the location of this project will build on its longstanding history of innovation at the site.


To be noted, the plant is located at ESB’s Poolbeg Energy Hub in Dublin “where some of the latest technologies that will support the future delivery of renewable energy including batteries, hydrogen and offshore wind will be deployed over the next decade,” a local report mentioned.


The company plans to deliver the remainder of projects in development this year.


ESB has expected that this project would support Ireland in achieving its climate targets by 2030 and ESB in achieving its Net Zero by 2040 strategy. 


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